Digital signing with Huion's signature tablets

Digital signing with Huion's signature tablets

The digital signature is becoming more and more popular. Printing documents, having them signed, scanned or archived is now a thing of the past. Of course, Huion's pen tablets and pen displays can also be used for digital signatures.

Huion's Kamvas 13 display can be used as an electronic signature solution for paperless working. The Kamvas 13 facilitates the application of paperless office work and electronic document management in government institutions and large enterprises. It breaks through the bottleneck of the existing semi-electronic workflow where the signature is still put on paper. This pen display generates digital handwritten notes and signatures with ease.

This paperless solution is suitable for the financial and insurance sector, hotels, telecom, government, medical sector and so on.

View the Kamvas 13 here.

Of course, pen tablets (without display) can also be used to add a signature. In this case, make sure that what is drawn is visible on a screen.

The following tablets are suitable for digital signatures:

  • HS64
  • H640P

If you need help with digitising processes within your company or institution, please contact us. We like to think along with you.

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