Huion LB4 LED Light Pad

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More backlight.

Even when using multiple layers of paper, you are assured of sufficient backlighting. This is because the acrylic panel on the Light Pads has a 20% higher transparency than traditional glass.


    Precise ruler for calibration.

    To give you a wonderful drawing experience, the Light Pads are equipped with rulers, allowing you to work accurately.


      Evenly distributed light.

      The even distribution of light ensures that the entire Ligt Pad is provided with the same amount of light. The use of a professional diffuser foil and double hidden LED light bars ensures that the light is diffused softly and naturally.


        Smart button.

        Be responsible for the best light intensity. A long press of the button adjusts the luminescence step by step. The Light Pad remembers the last brightness used and uses it the next time you will use your Light Pad.


          Suitable for multiple functions.

          Huion's Light Pads do not only bring you into the field of drawing, they are also suitable for multiple purposes. Examples are the design of arts, crafts and textiles, the manual tracing, the design of interiors and architecture, the imaging of the X-ray perspective, etcetera.

          Technical Specifications

          • Active area: 21 x31 cm
          • Lighting: 1500 lux
          • Dimensions: 360 x270 x 8 mm
          • Weight: 680 g
          • Warranty: 24 months

          Box Contents:

        • Huion LB4 LED Light Pad
        • USB cable
        • User Manual
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